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Fitness as a Career - Making the Jump

Creating an Impact & Finding Success

Not sure I ever understood or believed the connection I could create with people as a Fitness Pro. A far cry from the Pre-Law and Business route that I was headed towards in college but I can't imagine doing anything else. Fitness Pros and Personal Trainers get to help people find something within themselves that at one point they weren't sure they had. I don't just mean looking good in the mirror (not that that's a bad thing either). I am talking about helping people believe in themselves and challenge themselves. Helping people live a life of happiness and excitement rather than self-consciousness and pain. A life of more yes's and less no's. A life with less fear and more achievement. Helping people get out of their own way and discover that they are capable of so much more than they imagined. Being a positive influence on their confidence and the way in which they approach the world around them. Losing 20lbs or getting stronger is great but THESE are the game changers. The fitness and physical outcomes that clients experience are catalysts that accelerate amazing shifts in their lifestyles and approach towards the world around them. This is all great but for those just getting into the field or even harder...making a career change but how do you make the jump and find success? There is no doubt that there is massive opportunity to make a great living in fitness but it won't happen on it's own.

1) Find a Mentor

One of the best things you can do is learn from those who are further along the path to success. The most successful Fitness Pros and people in the world have coaches! The have others who can take a look at their situation from an outside perspective and continue to challenge them to improve. Finding a mentor can be an active or organic process but regardless it's #1 on this list for a reason.

2) Have a Plan

How are you going to go about getting clients? Are you going to work in a corporate setting and build up a book of clientele or go out on your own and start picking up client as an Independent Contractor? Regardless, getting certified will not guarantee you clients so as you make the transition make sure to put energy into understanding your "ideal client blueprint" and how you are going to find them.

3) Refill Your Cup Daily

In the stress of making enough money to survive and handling the initial inconsistency of working on a session basis with clients, don't lose sight of what inspired you to get into fitness in the first place. Motivation is an ongoing process and requires connecting to your purpose and a vision on a regular basis.

4) No Backup Plans

"If you want to take the island then you have to burn the ******* boats." -Tony Robbins-

You can make an impact and make a small amount of money Personal Training and working with clients part time but you will never change the game with one foot in the door and one foot out. This becomes the challenge when making a life/job transition but you have to make the jump if you ever want to make it.

Not every trainer is out there making $100,000 but it can be done. Like success in any industry it's going to take a boatload of work and commitment to learning but the juice is worth the squeeze. It WILL take some time to find success in fitness and it will not be a sure thing with benefits and set hours but if that excites you then opportunity and impact is out there for the taking!

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