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What Do You Stand For?

Legacy can be defined as the total contents of money and property that one leaves behind when they pass.

We all understand legacy however, as the impact that remains with the world once you are gone. How will you impact the people and world that you have interacted with in a way that leaves it better than when you started?

That's what it means to stand for something. For some it may mean growing out ridiculous mustaches and raising money for men's health. For others it might mean feeding millions of people on thanksgiving. Whatever it is, it has to be genuine to make an impact.

If you are reading this then chances are, you are driven to impact the world in a larger way and do something special. In order to make this happen you are going to need to reach more people, which means you need to become a great leader

Great Leaders Have a Cause

Think about some of the great leaders in your life and those whom you have looked up to. They stood for something bigger, even if it wasn't a "charity." They had a sense of purpose and mission in giving back by making others better and empowering them to realize they were capable of more than they thought possible.

If you look deeper at their lives or maybe even your own at this point, you might recognize a pattern.

The more you give back, the more you continue to get in return.

If you follow those like Tony Robbins, you may have heard this in a million videos and books by now. This may come in the way of personal fulfillment, or for many even in business and financial success. It all comes down to genuinely supporting something bigger than yourself, that you think can change the world.

Want more from the world? Give more.

Want people to trust you as a leader? Give more of yourself willingly and they will better connect with you.

Want more success in your business life? Give back more for the right reasons and people will line up to do business with you.

Think about the companies and organizations you like to do business with? We all love supporting those that obviously have true intentions to help people and make the world a better place.

Look at TOMS shoes for example.

People hand over fist, pay $50+ for some cloth and a piece of rubber. They can't cost more than a few dollars to make and aren't really that comfortable. BUT they are driven by a cause to supply shoes for those in need so not only do people like being TOMS customers, but they will line up and pay even more to do so. The magic here is that TOMS doesn't do it just to "get more customers" but they have built a business around a bigger mission. If they are more successful as a byproduct, so be it.

Why not strive to weave your personal mission and business into a bigger picture cause that genuinely drives you? Not only will you find more satisfaction with the hard work that success in Fitness (or any industry) requires but you are likely to find customers and clients want to support you even more.

I challenge you to think about the legacy and impact you want to leave behind. If you die tomorrow, what will you be known for. I challenge you to find out if you don't know already, and I have no doubt it will help you find more success in all aspects of your life for years to come.

Get after it.....


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