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Mindset Bootcamp - In Control

I just finished re-reading the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective Individuals and it was a great reminder of just how powerful mindset can be. Steven Covey asks you to take a second and think about yourself sitting there right now.

Take a step back and outside of yourselves and picture yourself from above. Think about yourself floating in the room and looking down on yourself, not just what you are doing and thinking but actually thinking about HOW you are thinking. This inherently human process is what makes us unique and also gives rise to the idea that you are truly in control of your mindset. It's not something you are born with or even stuck with but it is hard to breakout of.

Self limiting and defeating beliefs cripple our ability to see things as they are and act appropriately. The great thing is that we are in control! Reality is an interpretation and a result of the emotions that we attach to daily stresses and occurrences. Our emotions do not control us but are a result of how we choose to process things that happen in our life.

Identifying your mindset is the first step but it has taken a lifetime of experiences to program you this way so don't expect to be "changed" overnight. It may take time and truly is a daily battle but continue to ask yourself.

Is your mindset working for you or against you?

- Joe Drake -

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