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How Much Can Personal Trainers Make?

Want to make great money doing what you love? Why wouldn't you but it might not be as easy as everyone makes it out to be. Industry experts and advertisers make it seem like every Fitness Professional is making 6 figures and although it's more than possible it is not a sure thing. Take a look at the video above for more information on how much you can expect to make in the Fitness Industry and then read below for some thing you can regularly work on to get there.

1) Become THE Resource

Ask someone something about cars or some issues you are having with your computer and they are likely to "have a guy for that." Your ultimate job is to become that "guy" (or girl) for any and all things related to health & fitness. You may already be on this path and be someone people come to with questions but this takes massive development and strategy in order to maximize it's impact on getting clients and building a brand.

2) Think Like an Entrepreneur

The demise of most Fitness Pros who drop out of the field is that they do not view what they are doing as a business. They are not looking into the future and planning for growth. They are not looking to push the envelope and do what others aren't committed enough to do and they don't capitalize on opportunities. No need for this story to be yours!

3) Put Clients First, Above All Else

Never put human physiology in front of psychology and people will flock to you! Personal Training is a service driven industry and it takes an interest and mastery of human psychology and motivation if you want people to make life changes. Take time getting to the why and make it your mission to OVER DELIVER for clients every single day, no exceptions.

4) Build Your Systems

This might not be the sexy stuff and probably not the reason you are getting/or got into fitness but this is essential if you want to stay in the game. Systems for getting clients, systems for helping them achieve success, and systems to ensure you continue to over deliver. In the end you will achieve more and be able to touch more lives. Creating impact baby!

Look out for future posts that dive deeper into each of these topics as they all play a massive role in solidifying your career as a successful Personal Trainer.

- Joe Drake -

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